­čÉłHeartwarming, adorable rescued kitten growing: Day 4 to day 34

A collection of Joey’s videos from his first month of life.

This is Joey.

Joey is a kitten that was born prematurely, weighing just 85 grams, and was abandoned by his mom.

We found him the day he was born, and we have been bottle-feeding him.

Thanks to advice from the Kitten Lady’s website, and after a lot of sleepless days and nights, we are now looking hopefully to his future.

The first few days were the hardest. We got a heating pad to keep him warm, gave him warm formula milk to drink every two hours from a bottle, and we treated his neonate ophtalmia infection with an antibiotic. A runaway infection could have cost him his eye, but is easily treatable with eye drops.

It’s been 40 days and he’s doing well, now starting to eat some meat along with his milk. He is now starting to go potty to his non-clumping pellet litterbox, all by himself some times!

Joey is a fighter and a good climber. He feels very safe and loved in our home.

He’s growing to be an amazing cat, and he’s already more than 400 grams in weight. He loves to explore the house and to hang around with us.

Lately he has mastered an essential cat skill: walking on the computer keyboard.

His most recent manuscript:

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Joey, June 2024

Video music by Cookey12563 from Pixabay

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