Gallery Landmarks android app

View your GPS-tagged photos on a map.
View your entire photo folder,
or select photos individually.
On street view and satellite.

Gallery Landmarks is an Android app that displays your photos on a map.

You can view all your GPS-tagged photos on a satellite or street-view map.

Tapping on a photo pin 📍 will open its location in another map app, such as Google Maps.

Tapping on a photo filename will open the photo itself in a photo viewer.

You can center the map to your current GPS location.

The app will remember your last viewed location when you restart it.

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  • Target Android 14 (API level 34) to comply with Play store policy.


  • Fix: Banner ad now hidden when drawer opens to comply with AdMob policy.


  • Add: When in the EEA, show option to modify/revoke targeted ads consent to comply with GDPR.


  • Button to share/send all the photos in the current view.
  • Button to share/send the app to a friend.
  • Added snackbars.


  • Button to ask user for a folder of photos to scan.
  • Button to ask user for individual photos to load.
  • Loads and displays on a map the locations of all GPS-tagged photos in the selected folder.
  • Photos are loaded on a separate thread. While photos are loaded, the map is responsive.
  • Photos that are too close together are clustered together until the user zooms in.
  • Tapping on a pin opens the location of the photo in another map app (e.g. Google Maps).
  • Tapping the filename of a photo opens the photo in a photo viewer.
  • Button to switch view between street map and aerial/satellite map.
  • Button to orient the view to the north.
  • Button to center the map to the current GPS location.
  • Restarting the app takes the view to the last viewed location.
  • Link in menu to find more apps like this from the same developer.
  • Request user consent for admob to comply with GDPR.
  • Help page explains how to use the app.
  • About page for copyrights, license and disclaimers.

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