Simplest Percentage Calculator

What is ____% of ____?
____ is what percentage of ____?
What is the percentage increase/decrease from ____ to ____?

Calculate percentages easily with this simple Android app.

Put numbers into three simple sentences. Get results easily.

I have provided translations for multiple languages. You can use the app in your phone’s native language.

If you spot any translation errors in your language, please email me. I will try to fix it.

There is a small banner ad near the bottom of the screen. Your work will not be interrupted with other annoying ads.

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  • Target Android 14 (API level 34) to comply with Play store policy.


  • Add: Missing languages: Azerbaijani (Latin alphabet), Burmese, Filipino, Punjabi (Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi alphabets).
  • Add: About screen shows current locale at the bottom.
  • Change: In addition to the decimal separator of the current locale (usually either comma or fullstop), the user may also use comma (,) and fullstop (.) and Arabic comma (ูซ) to input decimal numbers. This helps with some languages where the numeric keyboard does not allow the locale’s default decimal separator. But the user cannot use a character as a decimal separator, if this character is also the grouping (thousands) separator of the current locale. This avoids confusion while maximizing accessibility.


  • Calculate a percentage of a number.
  • Find out what percentage of a number another number is.
  • Calculate percentage change between values.
  • UI features easy to understand natural language sentences.
  • UI is translated to many languages and locales.
  • Feature to easily share the app with friends.
  • Only one small unobtrusive banner ad at the bottom of the screen. No interstitial ads whatsoever.
  • For European Economic Area users, option to turn off targeted banner ads.

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